A Glam City Apartment

Now that my home project is completely wrapped and published I was looking to take on a new (and big) job. I'm absolutely loving e-design, but there is nothing like really standing in a home with a vision that I can see through from beginning to end. The challenge of course is finding a great space in need of a little love, and even better one that is a blank canvas. Well, the stars have aligned and I am so excited because right now I am working on a HUGE new project! Huge. If that wasn't exciting enough, I'm doing it with/ for my very best friend and you guys... just wait until you see what we've got planned. My heart honestly starts palpitating when I think how we are going to transform her home.

I'm going to say out of the gate, this isn't my usual "budget makeover." If the term power couple was created for someone, if would be for my Maria and her husband. They have 4 (!!!!) kids, 2 homes, and a high powered career that they balance with ease. Seriously, its impressive. They renovated a penthouse apartment in downtown Boston eight years ago and at the time were in the same boat that we were. Architectural choices were easy, design proved more of a challenge. Their space as it is now is beautiful, but it's also super neutral. Like us, they were made safe choices, tans, cremes, and browns and the end result is very calming but it just doesn't really reflect the personalities of the people who live there.

When talking about what she was looking for in the space, Maria was clear, she wanted a true "city apartment" and was not afraid of a little drama and glamour. This my friends was music to my ears. We all know I can do a casual, California cool scheme, so I'm beyond excited to break out of that mold and design with some more luxurious and high end elements in mind. That being said, I recognize that they have four young kids living in this space as well and I'm hoping to do what I do best, which is combine a mix of high and lower budget prices. I want to create a space that has a WOW factor but at the same time is livable. We've really dug in and now that the paint is dry and pieces are being ordered I'm convinced more than ever that we achieved just that. The joy I get from doing this for the family I love most in the world is so immense and I can already picture them coming home every day to this gorgeous space and feeling right at home.

Below is a little inspiration for the room and the current mood board we are working with. I wanted a crisp white background so all the high textured pieces will really pop, and the swiss coffee paint from Benjamin Moore has done just that. Like in our home, the star of the room will be the sofa and let me say this picture doesn't do that sectional justice. In person it is pure emerald luxury. You can see that Ochre chandelier in many of the inspiration pictures, and yes, that baby is going to be front and center. You know I'll post updates from the rest of their home as we go through it so stay tuned, this is going to be one dramatic makeover!


Glam City Apartment

If any of you are interested in my e-design or in person services, please don't hesitate to contact me. No job is too big or to small, and I'm happy to work with you whatever the scope of your project may be!