#WWJLD? + New Instagram Contest + A Winner!!!

 Would Jenna buy all of the Trader Joes flowers to make it feel more like spring? Yes, I think she would.#WWJLD #bossladies #jcrew

 I'll be asking 'what would Jenna Lyons do' at the farmers market this spring. She would buy the $9 organic golden raspberries. #bossladies #wwjld

"The Jenna" has officially arrived and some of you are so ingenious, posting your Jenna's asking what would she do!  Hint... I'm pretty sure she would definitely buy the organic raspberries and ALL the flowers!!!  I can't tell you how much I love seeing these and I'm so happy you are loving your bags!  I'll announce the winner of our last giveaway below, but for those of you looking for a Jenna for a friend, or a second for yourself, you've inspired me to host ANOTHER giveaway!  Once you receive your Jenna, Instagram her asking #WWJLD and tag @robinanderson09 (my insta) and you will be entered to win!  I love seeing all the different ways you style her, definitely keep them coming!

In other exciting news, I'm so excited to announce that my favorite boutique on the planet Dress is now carrying our #BOSSLADIES line.  If you've never been in Dress or on the shop's website (they ship if you aren't in the Boston area) you are most definitely missing out!  The owners Jane and Martha have the most incredible taste and year after year they curate one incredible collection after another.  The vast majority of my wardrobe comes from here, and it truly is an honor to see our collection next to labels like Ulla Johnson, Ace and Jig, Loeffler Randall and more!  Make sure you head on over to Dress to check out the Jenna and everything else that's new for Spring!

Finally, I'm so excited to announce the winner of our #BOSSLADIES + Posh & Prep Giveaway!  I loved hearing all of your suggestions and certainly have added them to the list!  Once Jenna is sold out we will be announcing our next #BOSSLADY so make sure you stay tuned for that!  The winner (chosen at random) of "The Jenna" and Posh + Prep Jenna Lyons print is Jill!  I can't thank you enough for all your incredible suggestions!  Please email me your information at robinanderson09@gmail.com so I can get these right out to you!

Thank you all for your support of our new line!  Your incredible response has been more than I would have ever imagined and I can't wait to share some new ladies with you in the coming months!