Weekend Links

Happy Friday!!! Around here today is pretty much the happiest of days because bright and early tomorrow morning we are off to Costa Rica for two wonderful weeks!  After the long and snowy winter we have had, this break could not come fast enough!!!  To sweeten the deal, my in-laws are already sitting by the pool waiting for us. Um, can you say built in babysitters?  Usually I'm excited about the trip, but right now the idea of sun, sand, margaritas and WARMTH?  Well, I'm pretty much jumping out of my skin, and the boys are equally as pumped, already trying to go to bed so it will be time to leave.  I hope whatever your plans are that you have a wonderful weekend.  For those of you flying out for Spring Break, I wish you a safe trip!  Here are a few fun links from around the web to help kill those long layovers! xx

I haven't been able to get this essay out of my mind.  What he said about his daughter before his untimely death is so incredibly powerful.  37 years old.  Life is just not fair. 

Related, since my friend lost his daughter I've been thinking a lot about grief and mourning. I found this piece to be very comforting

In more superficial news, I'm so tempted to die my hair completely pink, like this for the summer, but I know I'd never be that brave.  Here is a brief history of pink hair courtesy of Vouge. You may be surprised who rocked rose colored locks in the past! (thanks Heather)

The one thing I purchased for our trip, which has quickly become my favorite piece of clothing ever. 

Life changing laundry hacks

There is a new Grand Cherokee Wagoneer in the works! I want one. I want one real bad! What are the chances it will be a hybrid? ;)

Our bedroom was featured in a piece on the Matok blog about gray bedrooms! Thank you Marni for including our space in the piece!

This made me laugh. Totally and completely accurate!

After trying a million different sunscreens, I finally found one that doesn't cause me to break out.  of course now I buy it by the gallon! It's so lightweight, you absolutely should give it a try. 

As someone who always felt like I had to nurse in the bathroom when I was a brand new mother (mostly because my friends at the time didn't have kids) I really enjoyed this comparison! 

Finally, this kitchen makeover is insane!  I can't even believe that is the same space!

See you all next week! I'll be reporting from the equator!