The Harmony Hotel: I Want To Stay There

Nestled in our sleepily little Costa Rican town, off the dusty main road and hidden behind a nondescript fence lies one of the best kept secrets in all the land; The Harmony Hotel.  For years I have heard stories of it's simple beauty, but up until last year I never actually set foot on the premises.  They offer daily yoga classes at the hotel and on our way out of town I was dropping off a few of Gray's lovies to a local mom and teacher who was having trouble sleep training her newborn.  I had only meant to stop at the gate, but decided to poke around the property a little and when I did it was like uncovering the secret garden and to this day I always tell guests that they will never believe what lies behind the lush landscaping.

The Harmony Hotel isn't what you would call "fancy" but its simplicity is truly what makes it so incredibly beautiful.  The suites and bungalows are designed to blend in, rather than compete with the natural surroundings and when we finally build a place down here you know I'll be taking my cues from this stunning property.  We've yet to stay there, given that the prices are steep even by American standards, and this definitely isn't the place to unleash two unruly youngsters, but more and more I've been venturing over there.  First for a yoga class, and more recently for breakfast and a taste of the biggest luxury down here... high speed internet.  Given that we have our settled routine, it's unlikely that our family will spend the night on the property, but I'm already plotting a girl's trip down here in the next year or two to finally show my friends what all the fuss is about.  You can bet we will be staying in one of those bungalows, if only so I can spend the day in that bathtub!  With multiple daily yoga classes, a spa, an on site juice and sushi bar which defines farm to table, and poolside dining the sustainable hotel, only a two block walk to the beach really is the perfect place to get away from it all with minimal travel time from the United States.

Words can't really do this place justice, so I'll just let these pictures do the talking.  If you're looking for me in the next week you can probably guess where I'll be found!