Tuesday night, while out for a family dinner, Grayson took a pretty bad fall. With everyone no more than a foot away, he slipped through a crack in a landing and fell about 3-4 feet hitting his head and eye on a table below.  Immediately we could hear crack, his screams and see the damage. More quickly than I would have liked his eye turned black and swelled up in a very dramatic fashion. We were lucky, the bone around his eye seemed to take most of the impact and the eyeball itself was okay.  There was doctor sitting at a table nearby, with a specialty in orthopedics, and he was able to convince us that nothing was out of place.  The owner of the restaurant called the local doctor, his friend, and Grayson was looked at by no less than three doctors in a span of 30 minutes.  There was talk of concern about brain bleeds and damage to the eyeball, but luckily after spending the night in his bed with me right next to him he woke up acting like his old self... but for the fact that he looked like he went ten rounds Mike Tyson.

 We were very lucky, it could have been much worse.  This what everyone kept saying the night of the accident and all throughout the next day.  The decision was made to sit on the injury to see how it healed and we were all hoping that no news was good news, even though his entire eye was black and swollen shut.  On the beach yesterday, we all agreed that it was looking a little more drippy than it had in the morning and we immediately took him to the doctor in town.  The eye itself was slightly infected and we were lucky that we took him in when we did because with some creme from the local pharmacy we stopped any further progression of the bacteria.  While we were there the doctor suggested that was a good idea to take him to the nearest hospital, which is about two to three hours away to get an x-Ray just to "make sure."  There would be no radiologist on duty, but luckily I am married to one so the decision was made to immediately take the trip.  We don't have a car down here, but luckily we were able to charter a van and were on our way within 30 minutes.  I felt very fortunate that were were able financially afford to make decisions like this, and even more so that are in a country which has incredible health care.  My in laws are here and they were able to stay with the LM so he was able to skip the 7 hour trip... luckily.

After we arrived at the hospital we were immediately taken in for x-rays, as they knew we were coming, and my husband was able to arrange for some of the best neuroradiologists in Boston to read the films.  After quite a bit of back and forth we were told that we were incredibly LUCKY and nothing was broken, the eyeball was responding fine, and we were free to go back to our vacation. After mentally preparing for the three of us to fly back to the states on the next plane out if surgery was needed, we all felt incredibly lucky that we were heading back to our family and we even made it  safely home before dinner.  Gray is still pretty battered and swollen but the eye is opening more and more and the little guy hasn't missed a beat.  He's jumping in and out of the pool like nothing ever happened and still has plenty of energy to torment his brother.

After the events of yesterday, we are now trying to get back in vacation mode.  Luckily, we only missed out on one day of our  trip, and by the time we get back to the cold this will be long forgotten. I feel so incredibly thankful that so many people came to my son's aid, and that we received such great and immediate medical care.

Gray has definitely given us our money's worth in worry, and I have to laugh considering that his brother truly is the daredevil in the family.  Our little guy is the one who's spent the most time in the hospital, but for some reason he continues to come out of each event fairly unscathed.  He's definitely a lucky guy.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend... We will continue count our blessings and enjoy our time in this beautiful country.