Introducing #BOSSLADIES Totes!


Over the past few months one of my oldest and dearest friends and I have been working on a project.  What started with us creating a bag for my personal use quickly grew into a product we felt that so many others who would love.  I'm happy to announce that today our first #BOSSLADIES tote is available for purchase!  I can't think of a better "boss" to kick off the line than my personal idol Jenna Lyons.  Jenna emulates hard work, kindness, exemplary personal style, beauty, and of course is a true BOSS in her industry! 

This was passion project for us and I hope that you all love "The Jenna" as much as we do!

A little about the tote:

We care about the environment so these reusable totes are made from recycled cotton which complies with all fair wage and fair labor standards.  We will continue to strive to create a quality product that combines fashion and function while celebrating the strong women who define the phrase "boss."

All totes are machine washable on cold, and should be hung to dry. 

What product launch would be complete without a gif??? Thank you Sarah for the use of your beautiful home and your incredible eye! This gif is the best gift of all!

Totes are now available for purchase in my shop for $35.00 and ship for free within the United States in 10-14 business days.  Each of our #BOSSLADIES totes are limited editions, so make sure to get your boss before she's gone!

I would like to extend a huge thank you to all my friends and family members who have been so incredibly helpful and supportive of this venture.  You all know who you are, and each one of you are my rock. A sincere thank you.

Photography by the genius Sarah Winchester.