We successfully made it to our home away from home and despite the 4am wake up, the trip was a breeze.  For the first time EVER we were on a direct flight from Logan to Liberia, and after a quick stop at the market and a two hour drive we were in our jungle paradise.  This trip keeps getting easier and easier, and I'd like to say that most of that is due to traveling with older kids (which is like a differnent world compared to what we are used to) but I think the travel gods have also been in our favor and I am definitely not complaining.

The LM had one, and only one, request when we got here.  He had to skate at the local park, and then surf the moment we arrived.  We skied last weekend and ever since we told him that he could possibly do all three sports "IN THE SAME WEEK " the gauntlet was thrown and he was a man on a mission.  A mere 16 hours after we left our front door, his challenge was completed, and the kid was equal parts wiped out and happy.  Gray, being Gray, was just happy to jump in the pool and see his grandparents (and the little lego sets they had in tow) that no extreme sports were necessary.

Now we all are just reveling in the slow pace of life down here.  Early mornings, with a blessed warm walk down the beach.  I read this book in the span of a day (so addicting!!!) and am trying to mentally gear up for another.  Lots of dips in the ocean and the pool, followed by long naps and sunset on the beach with a football in tow.  Life isn't opulent down here by any means, but it is the exact opposite of how we live our lives at home and if that isn't luxury I'm not sure what is.

Here are a few pictures from our first few days here.  Our little slice of heaven, in tangible form.

Early mornings at the airport can't get these guys down... especially when there are cartoons streaming. 

The most incredible skate park in the middle of the jungle, a block from the beach. 

Three generations heading to the surf. 

My boys, doing what they do best. 

We will call these the "before" pictures.  As in before the sun darkens our skin, and bleaches our hair. See also: mosquito free skin. 

 ^^^ This guy, so tough ^^^

I promise to bottle up as much of this sun as I can for my fellow East Coasters!