Black, White, and Neutral All Over.

During a recent interview (I still can't believe I get to say that) I was asked what I envision some of the upcoming fashion trends to be.  Drawing from the state of my own recent wardrobe selections, the answer is simple.  As in simplicity.  A return to basics, taking cues from the boys, and drawing in as much comfort as one can bring in while still feeling fashionable.  For me that equation has evolved into a uniform of skinny jeans, a shirt or sweater in gray white or black, sometimes striped (when I'm feeling really crazy) topped with my favorite tan wool coat, or one in black or gray.  Simple, easy, comfortable.  For shoes I either wear my favorite trainers, or if I'm feeling particularly motivated my trusty leather clogs or favorite black boooties.  Surely my wardrobe choices aren't screaming "groundbreaking" but I have to say I' really have never felt more chic.  The bonus of neutral dressing is that I no longer have to urge to acquire more.  Sure I'll throw in a pair of overalls or a jumpsuit that catches my eye, but I recognize that one only needs as many sweaters as there are days in the week, and having a simple palate to pull from, really makes life a lot easier.  Given the insanely busy lives we all lead, I think we are going to see more and more of this in the future.

Here is a little black, white, and neutral inspiration.  I honestly think I may just print this post and hang it in my closet... really if neutrals can look this good, what else could you possibly need?

Here are a few of my favorite neutral pieces that I LIVE in.  (click image for more info)