The Crop Tee

Let's just forget about all this snow for a minute and spring forward to sunny days, sandals, and bare legs.  Ahhhhhhh can't you just picture it?

I've noticed that when it comes to my purchasing, I do most of it for the cooler months.  Coats and boots are always lust worthy items, but one can only have so many dresses and shorts.  Without fail, The one thing that I always find myself stocking up on year after year is new t-shirts.  Between the park, the beach, and the generally sweatiness of summer in a concrete jungle, these are the one thing that I find doesn't usually last more than one season.  I'm one of those people who when I find something I love, I get it in multiple colors and basically wear them until they fall apart, so for me finding just the right tee is of upmost importance.  A few seasons ago it was the vintage v-neck tee from J.Crew that I couldn't get enough of, and last year I lived in linen muscle tees from Madewell. This year I am all about one thing, and one thing only...  the crop top.  Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about a tummy bearing situation, no one who's had a kid or two needs to get there, but rather I'm loving the idea of a shorter boxy fit which pairs perfectly with ankle skimming white jeans jeans, skater shorts, a casual mini shirt, denim shorts, or even culottes which apparently are back, but I'm not sure that should be happening.

After wearing maternity tops for so long, I used to hate feeling like my shirt was too short, but now I'm finding myself drawn to the youthful silhouette, and the casual look of the cropped tee.  True to form I'll probably grab a few, including the white, the blush, the gray, and without question the striped and consider that my daily uniform until the cold weather starts to creep in again... With two more huge storms coming our way, let's pretend that won't happen again next year, okay?

What do you all think of the cropped tee?  Below are a few of my favorite parings (click image for more info)... I just picked up those skater shorts and let me tell you they are so, so good.  After trying them on for my family last night I was reminded that I'm definitely going to need some sun on these legs before showing them off in public!