Let's Talk Valentine's Day

Do you all have any big Valentine's Day plans?  My husband and I tend to treat this holiday the same as NYE (pretty much ignoring it) but I have to say getting handmade valentines from the kids always makes me think that this is one holiday we shouldn't do away with so quickly.  We actually made dinner plans for Sunday since my MIL is in town but I'm pretty sure that will get scrapped since ANOTHER blizzard is making its way towards us now.  Have I mentioned how much I hate snow?  I hope whatever your plans are that you get some special time with the ones you love.  If you are feeling like you are lovey mood, here are a few fun V-day links to kick off the weekend. xoxo

(that actually stays on all day)

 (I'm convinced all my recent illnesses are coming from the yoga mats at the gym)

 What I really want.
(but can't justify)

14 Awesome Candy Free Valentines
(file this one away for next year)

Good News! My favorite bathing suit/ cover up designer now has an online shop!

Finally, Why you should stay home on Valentine's Day.
(Can I get an Amen?)

(I like you a latte via Oh Happy Day!)