Pink Hair... Don't Care

 The kids and I survived snowmageddon, the blizzard of 2015, or "the end of the world" as the news would tell it and after two days I'm pretty positive that if the three of us had to spend another day cooped up in the house, it would have been us that would have led to each other's  demise... not the storm outside.  So far school is on for tomorrow and if I had a way to describe how that feels, it would be that emoji with the two hands up in the air praising the heavens.  Yeah, I'm ready. 

In all my excitement over my blog redesign and my e-design launch, I completely forgot to share with you my new pink hair!  Yes I took the plunge and I, and possibly only I, am in love.  Okay, that's not fair, I'm sure some others like it but I have been getting a few stares and I'm pretty sure they aren't looks of desire.  Oh well, c'est la vie... right!

Since I don't have an editorial assistant and my kids are terrible with a camera, the best I can do for you is a selfie.  I took these last night before bed, and I'd say they pretty much reflect how it looks this week.  We went a little darker to begin with, because I guess it will fade out pretty fast, and I'm glad we did because the color it's at now is perfect.  My hairdresser said if I want to keep the pink I will probably have to touch it up every few weeks, but he assured me my salon visit will be no longer than 10 minutes from start to finish.  That I can live with.  We kept the pink to the ends only, which works great because I can pull it up in a little knot when needed and no one can even tell what I've got going on underneath.  Already winter is a little more fun, and even though I'm excited that I won't have to cut this out when I'm done with it, I'm hoping the pink hangs on for as long as possible! 

Pink Hair, Don't care!