Patterned Tile... I'm Sold.

Lately, I feel like I've been seeing the same design over and over... and over when it comes to bathrooms and kitchens.  You know, white subway tile, dark grout, white marble counters, brass hardware, etc...  I get it, I do.  This scheme is gorgeous, functional, and subway tile won't break the bank.  Honestly, if we were starting from scratch, it is exactly what I would do in our bonus bathrooms, and would definitely consider something similar for a kitchen or bar area.  It just makes sense on all levels.  The thing is, nowadays it just seems like everyone has the same house.  It's like the great Tuscan takeover of 2000.  While these spaces are beautiful and enviable, for me it feels like they just feel like they can be lacking in personality and I have to wonder how dated these "modern" kitchens will soon feel, once they are in every model home in the country.

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while know that a few years back I decided to jazz up our kitchen a little with some patterned tile, and I have to say that to this day it is the best design decision I've ever made.  It just added so much oomph to our home and it is the one thing that everyone still comments on when they come in our home.  The mini renovation that we did recently, only enhances how great the tile is, and I can honestly say that I've never been more excited to cook in my life.  I really do love being in that space!

I will do a full kitchen reveal soon, but until then, here is what our kitchen currently looks like, once all the construction dust settled.  As you can see the tile is most definitely the star of the room, and while it probably isn't everyone's style, it is so univocally me.  Like, if I were tile, I would be this tile and I would want to surround myself in navy, brass, neon pink, and butcher block.  Oh look, someone already did that ;).  You get what I'm saying though, when we put the backsplash in, it wasn't a budget buster, and it totally changed the whole personality of the room. I find myself constantly amazed when looking through blogs or magazines just how much impact can come from adding a little bit of patterned tile.  Below you can see my roundup of my all time favorite tiles, and each just goes to show how just adding a little bit of pattern can make a big difference.

Our kitchen. Man, I love her. 

I am obsessed with this fireplace, mostly because we have the same tile, but also because it's just so damn pretty.  I am absolutely copying this if and when we move!

Now THIS is a stairway to heaven! Tile on the stairs is never a bad idea. 


Patterned tile in a more traditional kitchen... Yeah, I could live with that!

Some moroccan tile inspiration.  I swear I could look at this all day. 

The tile used here adds so much visual impact to what is a pretty neutral space.  Without it there would be no personality, but that backslash makes it a show stopper!

I love how this tile takes the plain subway to a whole new level.  That bathtub?  Well, I cry.  Someday. 

Again, subway and pattered tile... a killer combination.  A claw foot tub obviously doesn't hurt anything.  

This is probably my favorite tile of all time, and is perfect on the floor (below) or on the wall.  Talk about some serious impact. 

Wall to floor... clearly I need to meet this person, I'm pretty sure we'd be best friends. 

In my next home my one luxury item I'm demanding is an island and I love the idea of a white kitchen with a tiled island similar to this bar.  Throw in some black lower cabinets and you had me at hello!

Here there is some mixing of tiles, and I am not mad at it at all.  I also love the tile on the side of the tub!  This would be perfect if you had an old tub that you were looking to camouflage. 

What do you think?  Are you like me, do you love a pattern in a room, or is it something you shy away from?