Just The Tip.

It's been over a year now, since I died my hair platinum blonde and I have to say... I still LOVE it.  Like, love it.  Love with every fiber of my being.  I keep telling my girlfriend, it's like it was always meant to be this way, I'm never changing it!  Also, I'm still very content with my mid length hair.  I find it completely shocking that right now I have no desire to cut or grow it, and for someone who is never content with their hair, this is a good thing.  

Or is it?  

See, I've started to realize something about myself.  When we are in the throws of winter, I get restless.  I start needing to do something big.  Anything just to get excited.  A change is always needed.  My hair is usually the thing that gets changed, mostly because it's not that expensive, it's semi permanent, and well, it's just hair, but thinking back this is also when I started to dream of tattoos, re upholstery jobs, and tile.  Winter is cold and dark and it's so long. Yes, there are about a million things that we are so blessed with, but that doesn't make it any warmer or light any longer. 

I need to do something. 

I 've figured out what that something is.

I think I'm going to die my hair pink on Tuesday.  (gasp)

But not all my hair, just the tip.  Not even the whole tip, maybe just a few pieces painted on around the ends.  Kind of like ombre, but not that aggressive. 

Part of me (a big part) thinks this is a terrible idea.  I'm a 35 year old mother of two.  As much as I want to be Nicole Ritchie, I am not.  


The other part of me is like, "why not."  It's just hair.  It won't be that crazy.  I'm already a little weird, and by the time fall rolls around I can just chop off the ends and be done with it.  Plus, my little sister said she would have no problem with me having in her wedding. 

Tuesday, I'm going in for my regular all over dye job and I'm going to see what my guy thinks.  For inspiration I'm bringing in these pictures of the lovely Caroline Ventura.  She did pink in a way that pink should always be done; subtle and beautiful.  I love the way it looks in this top photo.  That is exactly what my cut looks like, which makes me think this is a great idea.  

If my guy thinks he can do it, I'm going for it.  My husband and kids are only halfway on board, which makes me a little nervous.  It is possible that I'll chicken out, but I'm already obsessively thinking about it which means it's probably going to happen. 

You will be the first I tell.

If you want to weigh in, in the comments section I would love to hear what you think.  Do it!!!!!! is also welcome. 

You know there are going to be some pictures to follow.