YM Gift Guide 2014: For The Kiddos

Having two little ones, I feel like I am an expert on knowing what kids want.  The short answer? EVERYTHING.  My answer?  Things that are useful, don't contain a lot of plastic or batteries (aka bad for the earth,) will hold their excitement/ attention for more than a month (ideally a few years) and don't have 1,000,000 pieces that will always get lost and stepped on in the middle of the night when someone is thirsty (aka, why am I always steeping on a matchbox car?  I swear these things reproduce while we are sleeping.)  Here are a few of my favorite things that the kids are sure to love, and you or the receiver's parent won't hate.  It's a win, win, my friends. 

Batman/ Star Wars sheets (From $70). I mean, what fan wouldn't love to sleep on these? These are what my boys are getting this year for their shared room, and it's a total surprise.  Admittedly, I am not a huge fan of character specific items in my home, but these are cool enough that with their striped duvet, I think even I can get excited about putting them on the bed.  The bonus is that these are grown up enough that they will be loved well in to their teen years.  Longevity is the name of the game here. 

My little man is just getting to the age where they are having sleepovers, and I realized that we don't have a sleeping bag for him! We hosted a few last year, so it hasn't come up yet, but I'm pretty sure we need to find one soon, and I love that you can personalize the name on this astronaut ($130). If space exploration isn't you thing, there are plenty of adorable patterns to choose from. 

Okay, I'm not really sure a baby would love these, but I can guarantee that their momma will. I mean, flamingo bloomers ($25)... I feel like I immediately need to borrow a baby to put these on them.  Like, immediately.

This little chef's apron is so cute ($45), and is prefect for all those budding foodies out there. 

I'm all about the storage bin, and honestly there aren't that many that the kids really would care about.  This one ($13) reminds me of the story Where the Wild Things Are, and would be great gifted with that book ($6). 

Speaking of books, I think I'm going to get a few of these Big Nate books for the LM this year (from $10).  He recently finished his first chapter book on his own, and now is hooked.  These stories of a mischievous 6th grade boy, told in comic book form are apparently addicting and well reviewed by teachers and parents alike. 

Yep, another reason to have another baby. Can someone please get this and send me a picture of their baby in this hat and glove set ($27), immediately? So stinking cute. 

There are two things my kids are obsessed with.  Minecraft and Legos.  This welcome series brings together the best of both, and unlike regular legos, you can combine the worlds and you are encouraged to free build like in the game.  You can bet this is going to be under our tree this year. (Prices vary)

I feel like every kid has one of these scooters ($80) and if they don't, they should.  The break popped off on our old one after years of use and abuse by the LM, so Gray will be getting one this year from Santa...in his favorite color of course. 

These tights are pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen.  Buy them before they are gone. ($8)

Okay, so I know I said no plastic, but I feel like there are few things cooler or probably more dangerous than a snowball launcher ($25), which clearly only adds to its awesomeness.  Heck, I kind of want one. 

A spy camera ($10). I don't know why, but little kids just love spy stuff.  I'm really digging this one.

For the budding fashionista, I can only imagine the excitement of a piece that combines tulle, jewels, and the comfort of a sweatshirt ($88).  Oh, and yeah, I would totally wear that. ;)

An anywhere/ anytime glow in the dark ping pong set ($14).  My kids would die for this.  I think I may save it for our next Costa trip, but we are totally getting this. 

Every year, on Christmas Eve my kids open their present from me, and it's always matching pajamas. From that moment they are referred to as "matching jammies" and worn together the next 200 days in a row.  This year I'm getting them these ($52), which have glow in that dark constellations on them, but I'm also a big fan of these as well. 

Finally, how cute are these slippers ($45)?  Kids really do get all the good stuff!

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P.P.S. I put the full price of these items, but almost every one of these websites is running a promo, so make sure you check and get the code before you buy!