YM Gift Guide 2014: For Her.

 Admittedly, this list should probably be titled "my favorite things, and everything else I really, really, really, want" but I happen to think that there are more than a few ladies who would also feel the same way, so below you will find my picks for the lovely females in your life.  All sure to bring lots of oohs, ahhs, hugs, and gratitude. 

My girlfriend turned me on to this incredible lingerie line, and had been raving about this bra for months before I decided to get one for myself.  Once I got mine, I could see why, and immediately ordered another.  As far as bras go, it is just about the most comfortable thing ever, and it has just the right touch of sex appeal, which when you consider there is no push up, clasp, or under wire makes it all the more impressive.  Whether it's for your sister, mother, or girlfriend, whoever receives this gift will be one happy lady. ($76-84)

It turns out that I have been a very good girl this year, and a little elf (me) spent the better part of a week tracking down one of these hard to get bags, so Christmas morning is going to be very exciting in my house!  Every website keeps saying these is going to be a big release again in December, so if you are looking for an incredible gift for one lucky lady, this is it.  You can keep your jewelry, my heart will always lie in fine leather goods. ($460)

For under 100 dollars, there is no better gift out there for a glasses wearer than a gift card to Warby Parker.  Who doesn't love a new pair of specs, and this is one way to get her to think of you every day of the year.  ($98, includes frames, prescription, anti-glare, and anti-scratch.)  Bonus, each gift card purchase comes with their new book!

I keep seeing this coat everywhere, and I have to say I'm in love. The wool, the faux fur hood, the over sized length... perfect all around.  I'm pretty sure that any lady who lives in a cold weather climate would be more than happy to find this under her tree. ($365 and %30 percent off with code MerryMerry)

Speaking of cold, a friend of mine owns this amazing knitwear company, and I pretty much am obsessed with it all, the turban especially.  Her pieces are incredibly made, and beyond stylish. (from $75)

I picked up these shoes earlier this year after blowing out my old ones, sort of on a whim, and I have to say I will never go back to a traditional running shoes.  These are perfect for the gym rat friend on you list, as they are designed for people whose main workout is done inside a gym.  While you can run in them, they are really for the boot camp, spin, zumba, etc... crowd, and I have to say they really do make a difference in your workout.  Unlike a traditional shoe, these are almost like aqua socks on the inside, with a light casing on the outside.  They are breathable, allow you to better grip the ground, and weigh next to nothing.  In short, they are awesome. ($100)

For the working girl on your list, I absolutely love this glam pencil set.  A chic way to dress up any office and to help her start the new year a little more organized than the last. ($48)

If I had a favorite thing on this list, these pajamas would be it.  Soft, flirty, and oh so comfortable, these are what I plan to wear to bed for the rest of my life.  ($55 and %30 percent off with code Merriest)

 If you are looking to give a gift that is pure luxury this year, this brush is it.   Year, after year, I see this brush on every one's list of "must have" beauty products, but I have never been able to justify the cost for myself.   For those of you looking to really spoil someone, look no further than this iconic hairbrush. ($90-200)

For the fashionista on your list, this coffee table book featuring over 100 photographs from Mario Testino of Kate Moss, spanning decades, would be the most incredible gift.   I missed the showing of this at the MFA when it was in town, and I regret it to this day.  Here is the perfect way to gift a little piece of fashion history.  ($40)

Okay, so this one is probably more of a dream present for just about anyone, but I had to include them because to this day these Valentino flats are pretty much the best material gift I have ever received.  My incredible, and generous girlfriends, gifted me a pair of these in peacock blue for my birthday last year, and I have surprised even myself at the amount of times that I've worn them.  They are beyond stylish, so comfortable, and really do go with almost everything.  Most days, I can barely make it out of the house without receiving a complement while wearing them, and if you are looking for a gift with a real wow factor, look no further. ($650-795 depending on color and finish)

Finally, what girl doesn't love a great watch? This rose gold one is perfect for layering, and is casual enough for everyday wear.  Perfect for those on your list who are always running a little late.  You know who you are!  ($175)