YM 2014 Gift Guide: For Him

Husbands, boyfriends, fathers, brothers... I always feel like they are the hardest people to shop for each year.   Most of the men in my life either want nothing, or instead they want something super precise.  For years, my father bought his own gifts from all of us, usually for a specific sport he was in to, and when it came to my husband, I would grab him a few things that I thought he would love, only to end up returning 90% of them because I somehow missed the mark.  Over time I fell like I've gotten a little more tuned in to what each of them like, and for the past few years I have to say I've done pretty well with the acceptance/ return ratio.   For those of you who are still looking for the perfect gift for the man in your life, here are a few ideas to help you finish off your list.  Most of these are things my husband loves so if your man is having you send these back... blame him ;).

For the bearded man in your life, a little oil to help him keep his fur nice and soft. ($15-25 ) The bonus is that it makes him smell like he just got done chopping wood in the forest.  (Um, yeah, my husband is never allowed to shave his beard.  Ever.)  Funny enough there is a new phrase out there for all these men who are looking a little more "outdoorsy" these days.  Enter the lumbersexual. Le swoon

Beer seems to be back, and in a big way.  I feel like every day there is a new craft brewery popping up on every corner, and as my closest friends know, I much prefer a cold beer, to any other alcoholic beverage there is. The key word is cold, and let me tell you, my husband and I take this very seriously.  We have a little ritual around here of having one beer a night, and we are constantly remind each other to put them in the freezer right around the time the boys go to bed. When one of us forgets (me) it becomes the sigh heard around the neighborhood.  These little ice cubes which keep your beverage cold from beginning to end would be the perfect gift for the beer drinker in your life. ($25 for two). I think we both need to make sure we ask Santa for these this year. 

I got my husband this flannel, which comes with a built in down layer, for his birthday this year, and I'm pretty sure he hasn't taken it off since.  Seriously, I have to sneak it away to wash it.  He is constantly raving about how it is just the most perfect layer on cold days, and great on warmer days on it's own.  It's stylish enough that I let him wear it out to dinner (I mean, it does go with the beard) but also comfortable for just lounging around the house.  ($170)

This iPad stand is absolutely perfect for the techie man on your list.  A perfect fusion of function and form,  great for home or office. ($50)

I absolutely love these buffalo check pajamas, which are perfect for pretty much any man on your list.  I'm pretty sure this is just about the last thing they would buy for themselves, but you know they will wear them every day.  Bonus points go to those who can snap a picture with multiple generations wearing them on Christmas or New Years day. ($50 with 30% off with code GIVETHIS)

Both the LM and my husband are obsessed with these socks by Stance. They come in just about as many patterns and colors as you can image, and add just a little something to whatever they are wearing that day.  I prefer the super wild ones, but they make more conservative ones as well.  Made of super soft material, these would make a great stocking stuffer. ($12)

This one is a no brainer for me, since all the men in my life are surfers, but I have to admit I too love this bi-monthly, reader supported magazine.  This would be great for any of the adventurers on your list, and the covers are always so stunning, you won't even mind when he leaves them all around the house. (Please tell me that my husband isn't the only one who does this?) ($15 for single issue, $66 for a subscription)

I know, I know, I include a T-shirt from one of my favorite stores, Saturdays NYC, on my list every year, but I just can't help it... they are just so cool. Every time I'm in the city, I pick up one for my husband, and they are always the ones he loves the most.  This year I'm loving this cool print which would be great under a flannel, a blazer, or on its own. ($40)

I feel like every man needs a great pair of slippers, and these hard soled ones can actually be worn out of the house on the morning dog walk or coffee/paper run.  Again, something he probably wouldn't buy for himself, but you know he will love. ($110)

This is what my husband is getting this year, and let me tell you, the kid could not be more excited. For any surfers in your life, this is pretty much the coolest gift you can give.  It's basically a fit bit for the ocean, telling the user everything they need to know from their session.  Things like how many waves they caught, how long they rode, how many miles they paddled, and it hooks up to an iPhone to give more specific details and even a GPS tracker of all the waves they rode.  Forget the iWatch, this is where it's at. ($400)

Finally, for the man on your list who loves raunchy comedy, this series from Comedy Central is pretty much the funniest thing we've ever seen.  Seriously, I've never laughed so hard.  Seasons 1-3 are available on DVD or streaming, and trust me, he will love it.  Caution, this is some R-rated material, just be ready. ($15)