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The Turtleneck.

 What are your feelings on turtlenecks?  I used to loathe them.  Like hate with a capitol H.  I would leave the house wearing one, and by the time I got to drop off I would be pulling at my neck like I was being strangled.  I don't know, I just found them to be so suffocating, and even the thought of having something skin tight around my neck made me claustrophobic.  

A few weeks back I saw a girl wearing this vest/ turtleneck hybrid over a flannel shirt, and I picked one up for myself.  Ever since, I have been wearing it every.single.day.  Seriously.  Over gym clothes, over sweaters, over other turtlenecks, and even for a recent girls night out, over a button down with leather pants.  I swear, on these colder days, I almost feel naked without something on my neck now.  As much as I try to remember, I always seem to leave my scarfs at home, and I've been really enjoying not freezing all day long (novel concept I know.)  Of course, I'm now obsessed and have been scouring sales on the net to add to my modest collection.  Below are a few of my favorites.  




Am I crazy, are turtlenecks really just so chic, or I have I finally been brainwashed by the crazy New England Winters? 

P.S. Bonus points will always go for the girl with the hair tucked IN to the turtleneck. 

P.P.S. Same goes for a necklace over, see second to the last image. 

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