Our stockings have been hung by the chimney kitchen with care, and our tree has been trimmed.  We've probably had more christmas cookies and egg nog, than any family should, and by some miracle I even was able to get the presents wrapped before Christmas Eve this year.  We've been to the nutcracker, and are anxiously waiting for our ride on the Polar Express later in the week.  The boys and I have seen pretty much every Christmas movie ever made... twice.  In short, we are READY for Christmas!  The boys are certainly excited for their presents, but it seems that the real draw this year is the idea of Santa being in our house.  The LM is still a believer and I have to say, nothing melts my heart more.  Tomorrow night my sister and her fianc√© are joining us for our traditional cioppino dinner, followed by what is sure to be an intense game of Cards Against Humanity. Not exactly a traditional night before Christmas, but I pretty much live for games of any kind, so this is the best present I could get this year!!  Below is a little peek of what life has been like around here the past few weeks if you'd like to see what we've been up to. 

Last year we got a little carried away and got too big of a tree, so this year I inadvertently went to the other extreme and got one on the smaller side.  At first it was, "oh no" but we all have decided that we actually like the little guy, and it sure is nice not to have to move all the furniture around.  Small trees for the win!

To keep in line with our toned down Christmas, I kept the decorations minimal as well.  This little corner makes me very happy!

The boys, getting in the spirit. Buddy the Elf has nothing on them!

We baked these with my sister on Saturday, I'm embarrassed to say how few are left!  If frosting was a food group, my kids definitely are getting their daily intake.

The Elf of the Shelf has again been the highlight of the Month.  I don't really get that elaborate, but the boys don't seem to care.  Brady is definitely going to be missed once Christmas is over!

After a year long unintentional hiatus, the wii has made a reappearance.  This, I'm not mad at.  Not one bit. 

Also READING!!!! is big right now.  We are so, so close to this kid choosing to read versus doing anything else.  I'm so excited for him, I really can't think of a better gift!  Here he is is proudly showing off his first finished chapter book. 

Oh, and movies.  Lately, on Sunday's the boys and I have been hitting the movies, and it's been a blast.  Our theater serves beer (yay) and has those big comfy seats, so really it's not hard to convince me to go.  Last week we saw Big Hero 6 and it was surprisingly really, really good.  I definitely recommend seeing it with or without kids!

All of this excitement has led to some incredibly exhausted boys.  For the past few weeks, at least three times a week, they will either pass out or beg to go to bed before 6:30.  My husband and I have pretty much been doing cartwheels having the entire evening to ourselves, and will probably shed a tear when this ends!

 These guys.  Most of the time they drive me nuts, but I can't imagine life without them.  I'm a very lucky girl, and in the New Year I'm determined to focus more on that than anything else. 

So that's what we've been up to!  The boys are out of school until the 5th, and since no one really reads blogs this time of year anyway, I think I will follow suit and take some time away from here.  In 2015, I really want to make more time for this blog, and think hard about where I would like for it to go.  Thank you all for sharing another year with me, and I wish you the merriest of holidays, and a happy, happy New Year!