Weekend Links.

Happy Sunday!

What are you all up to this chilly weekend?  I've spent the majority of it watching my little man on his skateboard, which is fine by me, given that this change in daylight savings has unfortunately brought forth a new surge of energy in the boys, and I'm just happy to have somewhere for him to expend it!  All of a sudden our home seems very small when two big boys are running through it like tasmanian devils all...day...long.  After a long day outside, last night we all piled on the sofa and the boy's watched Home Alone for the first time.  I have seriously never seen these kids laugh so hard!  I have a feeling we will be doing exactly the same thing tonight with the sequel! 

Whatever your plans, I hope you all had a great weekend. Here are a few fun links on this lazy Sunday. xo

Awesome. (not)

GIRLS is coming back in January! My excitement is palpable.

A great gift for the burly men in your life. My husband is definitely getting this in his stocking this year!

Instant wardrobe updates, from the experts.

I love these little glass shadow boxes.

A natural fix for A.D.H.D.  This is one of the best articles I've read on this in a long time.

It's November, which means there are more than a few men rocking some abnormal facial hair. A TED talk from the man behind the movement.

After an inspired trip to a market in chinatown on Tuesday, I made this, this and this. All three were so good! Tonight, I'm going to try out this one with some ground tofu in lieu of the turkey.

A pre-k teacher, and the trouble with lockdown drills. While I agree that it's better to be prepared, I am still so incredibly disappointed that we live in a society that accepts this as routine or normal.

On Winter skin... ever since I read this I've turned down the heat in my shower.

An easy alternative to a gallery wall.

The 5 worst states for women.

I love the emoji. In fact if I could just communicate with them, I probably would. Emojipedia is the ultimate source for what they actually mean.

25 famous women on their college lives.

These hats are stunning! Sadly, I have learned over and over that I hat person I am not but for those of you who are, you can't go wrong here.

New life for Jenna Lyons' famed Brooklyn townhouse. I loved this side by side comparison.

I have a serious girl crush on Nicole Cohen, and even more so on her awesome book that has tear out pages to be used for decoration. What a genius idea, and a great way to get inexpensive art in your home.

Finally, I loved watching my favorite bloggers compete in the one room challenge this year.  This roundup slays me.  I cannot believe that this is what people came up with in just 6 weeks!  That dark bedroom... I die.