The Holiday Party.

 It's that time of the year again. The holidays are once again upon us, and that means the inevitable calendar of events, jammed full of winter themed parties.  I don't know about you, but even though I am admittedly more of a stay at home in my jammies kind of girl, pretty much 365 days a year, I find it even harder than usual to get excited about getting dressed up this time of year, pretty much because it's just so dang cold out.  I feel like I have spent one too many a nights waiting for a taxi, freezing in bare legs and too high of heels to EVER want to do it again.  However, give me a little bit (or a lot) of comfort, and a reasonable sized heel, and I can definitely be persuaded to strip off my multiple layers of flannel to get out there to join in the holiday cheer.  Since pretty much every site is having some kind of big sale right now, I thought there was no better time to put together a few festive, but comfortable outfits for the upcoming party circuit, that can easily transition to New Years Eve and beyond.  I would absolutely wear any one of these and the best part is that no push up bras, or stockings are required!

Instead of tracking down a dozen accessories, I tried to style these in a way most of us would, using things we already own.  I used the same three pieces to wear with each outfit; a basic black clutch which most of us have, a pair of fun shoes, and a simple gold choker, which has pretty much become a staple item in my wardrobe. This once again proves that if you invest wisely in the basics, year after year you can change your entire look by just swapping out a few wardrobe pieces. 

Happy shopping. xx

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clockwise from top left
one/ two (I love this one too) / three/ fourfive /six

one/ two / three / four / five

one/ two/ three/ four

P.S. If I'm being really, real, I'd really like to just wear a piece of lulu's new glitter collection and call it a day ;). See, you can even bring the holidays in to your yoga room!