Really, really, really, REALLY long hair.

 The other day my sister and I were flipping through the channels when we were both stopped in our tracks when we fell upon an old Sex and the City episode.  No, it wasn't the actual content (although, c'mon, it's still pretty good even though it's definitely on the cheesy side) but what had both of the wheels in our head spinning was her hair... her really, really, really, REALLY long hair.  Obviously, she was wearing extensions, which I personally won't be getting ever, but it did make me question whether I should give long, long, long hair one more go.  It's not that I don't love short hair, but you know, you always want what you don't have.  I'm not sure I have the patience to really go for it, but it's definitely one to file away for the future. 

Here's a little long hair inspiration.  Proof that young or old this is one style that is always on trend.