On Skin, Part 2.

 Last year I wrote about my decade long struggle with adult acne, and how this product pretty much changed my skin and how I felt about my appearance in general.  I still use it every day, and believe that if there is one miracle product this is it.  Well, I think there might actually be two miracle products because after getting my first facial since Gray was born, the woman enthusiastically recommended that I use a serum, specifically this serum, to help with the dullness and fine lines that I was complaining about and OH MAH GAWD, this stuff is a miracle.  Seriously.  I basically cleaned out my beauty arsenal leaving only the Acnefree, the serum, and a light moisturizer with SPF (I love this one) and that's it.  Every morning I wash my face, apply 4 drops of the serum (which at first feels a little matte and sticky) and after that has absorbed, apply the moisturizer.  The serum only needs to be used in the mornings, and lasts 2-3 days, even after washing your face.  I've been using it for about a week now, and I cannot believe how amazing my sin looks.  Dewy without being oily, uniform with no colored tint, and my fine lines have basically disappeared, leaving behind plump, soft skin that I haven't seen since my early 20's.  I seriously feel like I have been photoshopped, without taking a picture.  It's that good.  I have never used a serum before, so maybe they are all that good, but this one is oil free, doesn't contribute to my acne situation, and is lightweight. As I said, a miracle product.  If you are looking for something to reboot your skin, I cannot recommend this enough!