Master Bedroom Makeunder.

 Okay, so remember here, here, and here when I said I was totally "done" with my master bedroom.  It turns out that actually wasn't true, because our master bedroom has once again undergone some minor changes, and this time I swear it's finished for real.  I know, I know, boy who cried wolf, yada yada, but seriously, after 6 years I finally, finally LOVE the way our bedroom looks, and since it's the room I spend the most time in, this is a good thing.  As you'll see in the final pictures, there aren't any  major changes, just the bedding, art, and lights, and I think that's important to point out.  As I always tell my sister, make sure you love the (pricier) big pieces of furniture you buy, which in this case is the bed, dresser, and chair, and the rest don't go crazy on, because in a few years you may be completely tired of it. Or in my case, 6 months, but really, who's counting?

Here's the thing about our bedroom, from the beginning I just wan't sure what I wanted it to be.  At first I wanted it to be spa and zen like, so going to bed felt like a retreat, but after about a year of that I realized that it just wasn't my style and I like color, and drama, and well, that's about the opposite of zen, so out went this room. 

Then, we had the big basement flood, which required a repainting of the whole room, and once I went dark, that was a whole new ballgame. I wanted color to pop against the dark walls, so I basically went as bright as I could. 

... and then a few months later even brighter. 

 This was great for a while, especially while the rest of the house was still being worked on, but over the past year I found myself longing for a calm and neutral space, one that really blended in with the darkness of the room, without trying to compete with it.  A few months back, I ordered a new duvet (although that orange and white one above will definitely still be in rotation in the warmer months) and found a simple piece of art that popped against the dark walls, and some much needed sconces for reading at night.  Most of the accessories were moved around, and the previous bedding found some new homes.  I have to say, I absolutely love the finished product, and this is one room that I won't be changing for a very long time to come. Seriously.

Here are a few pictures from our bedroom makeunder. 

The whole room is kind of dark and moody, which normally isn't my style, but I have to say I love how great it is for sleeping.  These pictures don't really do the room justice, but in person the space looks very simple, but layered.  There isn't too much clutter, and most everything in this room serves a purpose. I still have my little pops of color, but the majority of the furnishings are gray and I think the whole room really flows together well.  I keep telling my hubby that in our next house I'm probably going to rebel and make everything white after living with so much gray, but for now dark is where it's at... and where it's going to stay. 

Oh, and yes I lost a little drama when the skateboards over our bed were moved to the hallway, but don't worry, they were replaced with something equally as awesome in our master bathroom. 

I'm not going to lie, I made a pitch to put Kate over my bed, but my husband thought that was a little weird, so now she watches us from the other room, which is luckily still visible from my bed, #smokingkills #but90ssupermodelsneverdie

So there you have it, the final makeover of our home. I'm hoping to get some "real" pictures to share with you all in the next few months, but for now these will have to do.  I have to say I'm at a loss, without any more little "projects" to do, but I'm also really looking forward to living in this space, rather than planning on how to change it.  Designing a home is a tricky thing, your first instinct is to get it all done, to make it presentable, but I feel like a person's taste and style grows so much over time, that there really is something to be said about waiting to find something that you absolutely love.  I feel like the way our house is now, is such a true reflection of our family, and myself, and I really couldn't be happier to call this space my home.