Let's Talk Turkey.

Let's talk turkey!  I always find it so strange that so much excitement and planning goes in to one little meal, but as someone who loves to eat anything with a carb in it, I have definitely changed my tune over the last decade, from "really?" to "game on!"  For most of my marriage, we have spent the big day in a very Norman Rockwell(ish) setting, and I have to say it was absolutely wonderful.  We would pack up and fly to my husband's grandmother's house on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, and would spend the week eating, drinking, and eating some more.  After a few years of that, it became hard to imagine Thanksgiving any other way.  

Well, airline tickets started to dramatically rise, the weather this time of year was got more and more unpredictable, and we kept having kids (there's always that) so about a year or two ago, after seeing just how expensive it would be for a one hour flight, we just decided to stay home.  No, it is absolutely not the same, but I have to say sitting here today, getting ready for a big storm to hit the entire East Coast, I sure am glad that the four of us won't be spending tomorrow sitting in a airport, praying that we get out.  That we've done one too many times.

 Since we don't really eat meat, you may think that we don't get in to the spirit of the holiday, but let me assure you, this is the one day a year that all our dietary restrictions go out the window.  Since it seems silly to cook a giant a meal for just the four of us (considering the kids eat like birds) our new tradition includes picking up our dinner from Whole Foods the day before, and me popping it all in the oven after getting back from this fun race.  In theory, I kind of miss the idea of cooking over a hot stove all day, but in reality... well, nope. 

For those of you who do things a little more traditional, here are a few Thanksgiving themed links to help you prepare for the big event. 

Sure, turkey gets all the credit, but c'mon, the sides are the best part.  Here is what I would be making if I were cooking for a big group.  These are also great for those of you who don't have the hassle of hosting but like to bring something easy!

The one thing that I absolutely cannot seem to master is the setting of the table.  Flowers are so far beyond me, and I find that every time I try, it looks more like something the boys did than a grown adult.  That's why I am all about simplicity.  These two beautiful table settings seem like something anyone can do... even me!

Of course, you can't forget the kids table. I love this little crayon cup. and for kids who aren't big pie fans (mine) these cupcakes would definitely make for an awesome desert!

Booze.  Isn't that the best part of the day?  Now, if this were a perfect world, we would have some of our Uncle's infamous egg nog, which has been known to make ladies pass out on the table (don't ask me how I know that ;))  but since we can't have it all, these Fall themed cocktails would most definitely be a welcome substitution. 

Oh and leftovers, aka the best part of the meal.  I love this easy, updated version of the traditional turkey sandwich!

Last but not least, 5 tips for making your Thanksgiving dinner ahead of time, and a modern guide to Thanksgiving etiquette, because well, even with Family you should try to be polite. 

I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving!  My boys are home the rest of the week, and I made quite a few promises so I'm not sure if I will be back this week, but stay tuned... next week it's gift guide time!!!