That's a wrap! Another Halloween down in the books and like most things with these boys, it just keeps getting better and better each year.  On Friday, we met up with our best friends as planned, and despite the cooler temps, and a last minute costume change by me (yes, a cat again... 8 years running) we were all bursting with excitement and ready to hit the mean streets of Beacon Hill.  5 hours later we all piled into a taxi, exhausted and starving, but filled with candy and great memories of a great night. Here are a few photos from the night that was. 

The cat and the bat.

My little stormtrooper.

Batman plotting with local law enforcement.

Our crew. There are no words for how much I love these guys!

Me and my (spider) girl. 

Showing of their loot (minus about 20 pieces that mysteriously disappeared in their bellies.)

Now that Halloween is over, we are still trying to get the most out of Fall before the freezing cold weather arrives (Let's not even mention the fact that it snowed last Sunday) and volunteered to rake leaves at the LM's school.  The big kids were responsible for the actual raking, which suited this guy just fine, being left with all the piles for himself. 

Who says yard work isn't fun?  Boys doing what they do best... going fast!

Does anyone else feel like Fall is just flying by?  I feel like we are going to blink and Christmas will be here ! I know two kids who won't mind that at all!