Curent Style Inspiration: Maja Wyh

It turns out that you can only pin the same girl about 10,000 times, before you have to take the time to figure out who she is.  Well, for me, the current "she" is Maja Wyh, and let me tell you, after stalking browsing her website I have found myself so inspired!  Talk about Maja (pronounced MAJ- ahhhhhhhhhh) Style! See for yourself...

Besides the obvious, perfect body, perfect hair... I think the thing that I am the most drawn to is how she is able to elevate everyday basics to a whole new level that I like to call "rockstar chic."  It seems like the key to this look is lots and lots of slouchy layers, a killer pair of heels, and a keeping a slim silhouette on the top or bottom.  Can you see the wheels in my head turning... hey I can do that! 

I also love how easy this style is to recreate, and on a budget!  You just need a great faux fur vest, like this incredible one from Zara (which I have and love), a pair of super, super skinny jeans, like these from Madewell, a fierce pair of round sunglasses, topped any pretty much everything else you already have in your wardrobe.  I mentioned before that lately I feel like I've been in a bit of a fashion rut, and I think this is just the inspiration I needed to break out of my comfort zone. 

 WWMD? (What Would Maja Do) Answer: rock it!