Weekend Links.

 Happy Saturday! What are you all up to this gorgeous Fall weekend?  Today the LM and I are up in New Hampshire for a little skate session, and then later I'm whipping up our favorite homemade fig pizza, and we're planning to watch this classic movie.  Tomorrow we will be heading over to our favorite event of the year, The Head of the Charles, which happens to take place in our back yard. Each year I tell me husband we are never moving, because I can't imagine ever not being here for the races!

I wish you a wonderful weekend, whatever your plans are! Here are a few fun links from around the web that caught my eye this week and last. 

File this under awesome things you'd thought would never happen... Breaking Bad is coming back for another season!  In our house this is VERY big news.

This is blasphemy I say! I will forever live for the greatest meal of the day; brunch.  Most of the best times of my life have been during my child free, long, boozy brunches with friends in NYC.

A few years back, I posted an idea about photo collages for you children's ever growing artwork collection, and I've attempted it with varied results.c This awesome (albeit pricey) company, takes the guesswork out of it.  I love how the end product looks a little like a Damien Hirst piece, for a fraction of the price!

I love this T-shirt!  Truer words have never been spoken!

I don't think you can find an easier, or healthier Halloween inspired snack!  I'm absolutely copying this for the LM's school Halloween party!!!  This one is equally as awesome!

It's officially scarf weather!  8 different ways to wear Fall's greatest accessory.

I am absolutely in love with every inch of this house.  That navy, palm wallpaper is to DIE for.

What every mother needs in her bag.  I plan to make a few of these up over Thanksgiving break for Gray!

On the pursuit of perfection in NYC. A great read!

Every. Single. One. Of. These. 

A great article on hyper-parenting. Guilty as charged.

Everything your kitchen aide mixer can do. It's time to dust that baby off!

I've been loving this incredible travel blog!

Any version of this outfit would be perfect for all those upcoming holiday parties.

Finally, what happens when 2nd graders are treated to a 7 course, gourmet meal (Gray's dream!) and how to get your kids to eat (or at least try) everything.