Now Accepting Visitors.

Our guest room is finally done, and I'm so excited to share a few pictures of the final room with you!  I mentioned before, that I wanted to keep some of the existing elements that used to live in the nursery (the curtains and lighting) but create more of a grown up feel, that would mimic what you might expect from a beach house in Malibu, or a weekend getaway in Palm Springs. (Yes, always a California girl at heart.)  I think the finished product achieved just that, and I love how clean and light the space feels.  This room was definitely a labor of love for me (meaning I did all the labor) and even though it's pretty tight on space in there, the lightness of it all really makes the whole house feel so much bigger.  For a city dweller, you have to love when that happens. 

Here are a few pictures of the room, if you'd like to see.  We are currently in the middle of a monsoon 'round these parts, so the lighting wasn't agreeing with me, but soon I plan to get some "real" pictures  taken, and will definitely be sharing those as well. 

As I mentioned, the room itself is tiny, but I was able to squeeze in a bed and a dresser (yes, those drawers have room to open, as does the closet.)  Those sconces were meant for my room, but I decided to put white ones down there instead, and I love how the black anchors how light the rest of the room is.  This was a lucky accident for sure!

You know I couldn't get rid of those yellow stripes.  It's funny, with the new decor, they actually look a lot more gold, and that makes me love them even more.  Gray's light stayed and adds another layer of pattern, because you know I can't have enough!

The print was an affordable find, and the bedding is a mix of Land of Nod, and Serena and Lilly.  The pillow was one we have had floating around without purpose for years, and I'm happy it finally found a home.  See also, more pattern. ;)

My absolute FAVORITE part of the room is this Slim Aarons print that I have been obsessed with for years.  My husband and I went around and around arguing over what should go on the wall opposite the bed, and finally he gave in.  I had it printed very inexpensively on acrylic, from Getty images, and was floored when I went in Jonathan Adler the other day and saw that they were selling these exact same piece for about $1300 dollars.  This baby was less than 300 and it has the effect of clear glass, so when you are laying in the bed it looks like you are looking out the window and this is your view! 

A few little details. 
A ring dish for guests, and a stack of my favorite magazines for browsing.  I'm still trying to figure out which pictures to put in those frames, but I can't get enough of that porcelain stud detail!

I read somewhere that if you have a small space you should try to decorate each room similarly, so it looks like they could be in the same space.  Inadvertently, I did that here (aka I love navy and will put it in pretty much every room, every where) but it really does make the whole house look bigger and more cohesive, because it mimics our living room and thus looks like an extension of that space. Another lucky accident, but one I thought I'd pass on!

 There you have it! Our lovely new guest room, now accepting visitors. So far, just my sister has slept in there, but next week my MIL is coming to town, and will be our first official guest to try it out! Now, for all my friends who live far away (you know who you are) we are officially open for business, and no longer will you be banished in the air mattress in the LM's room! Book those tickets now! ;)

P.S. To put it in perspective, the room used to look like this!