Halloween Links.

Let's talk about Halloween.  

Halloween has quickly become our favorite holiday of them all.  Boston always does it right, and each year the boys and I find ourselves WAY more excited about Halloween than we do Christmas or any other holiday of the year.  This is a little weird for me, since I have never really been one to like dressing up, and I remember many a Halloween spent sitting at home because the whole thing just seemed like such a hassle.  I do have one memorable costume, which was Mary from Something About Mary, and after that I dressed as a cat... for 7 years in a row!  I figured, I couldn't top Mary, so why even bother.  Of course, having kids changed my lukewarm feelings towards the day, and each year the boys are getting their costumes earlier and earlier (I think this year it was actually in August) and I have to admit I love sitting with them, searching through costume after costume on the computer, waiting for their eyes to light up when they finally make a decision.  As for the day of, each year we meet our best friends at the park with a thermos of spiked cider (shhhhhh) and after trying to stuff a piece of pizza in the kid's bellies, we head out through picturesque Back Bay and Beacon Hill in search of some candy.  The city fully cooperates with the need for a sugar rush, and closes down all the streets, and everyone gets in the spirit, some even heading out adults treats of wine and beer.  The whole night is magical and is something we look forward to year after year. 

For those of you who tend to party at home, here are a few great last minute halloween links to help make your party extra special. I hope whatever your plans are that you have a great one!  If you are in downtown area, I'll be the Mother of Dragons, running behind batman and a storm trooper!

An adorable and EASY alternative to a traditional punchbowl

A simple table setting that even the little ones will enjoy. 

Speaking of little ones, how cute is this mummy juice box? 

I LOVE this spooky wreath and am absolutely making this next year. 

10 great last minute Halloween Costumes. Some of these are so easy and cute!

Happy Halloween!

P.S. This advice columnist's response was awesome! Standing ovation!