Great Gift Idea: eCreamery

A few weeks after my husband's surgery, we were all feeling a little down in the dumps, and imagine our surprise when we arrived home one day to find the most perfect gift ever... ice cream!!!  My dearest friend, Maria, discovered this amazing ice cream company eCreamery, that not only makes incredible tasting ice cream, but allows you to actually personalize each of the cartons!  How cute is that?  I feel like its so hard to find a gift that the whole family can enjoy, and this one most definitely got two enthusiastic thumbs up from all of us.  I always find myself struggling to find a great present for those with a new baby who already have one or two kiddos already (because who really wants more stuff?) and I think this would fit the bill perfectly.  You could do a big brother or sister carton, and I know all I wanted was to indulge in desert after my boys were born, so this definitely would have been on the top of my wish list!  Also, I'm thinking of buying a few cartons to keep in the freezer to give as hostess and teacher gifts during this upcoming holiday season.  I absolutely love this concept, and will most definitely be giving these again and again! 

Thanks Mar! You most definitely made our week!! xoxo