My Sister's Save the Date.

Plans for my little sister's wedding are coming along nicely, and I have to admit I am LOVING my new role as wedding planner!  So far we have found her dress, the bridesmaid dresses (both stunning), a caterer, a photographer, a band, a venue, and right now we are finalizing the menu and linens.  Considering we still have nine months to go, I feel really good about what we've accomplished, and hopefully this means we won't be scrambling in the weeks before the big day arrives.

Our first order of business was to create the perfect Save the Date card.  Since we had the wedding date set in stone, we figured it was better to get them out a little on the early side since the guest list is fairly small, and she wanted to make sure everyone would be available for the event.  Initially we were at a loss for what we wanted to do, and both the bride and groom were adamant that they didn't want a picture of themselves on the card.  You know, the one where the couple looks dreamily in to each others eyes?  While that makes for a beautiful card, they both recognized that it just wouldn't be very "them."  What I really wanted was to create a card that would show off both of their personalities, but would also reflect them as a couple.  My sister is pretty bohemian and free spirited, while her fianc√© is somewhat more of a traditional guy.  He loves riding motorcycles, so I really wanted to make sure that his passion was somehow incorporated in to their wedding.

After looking at inspiration images, I found myself constantly coming back to these two images, and started thinking of how we would be able to include one of his bikes for the what would be the first impression of the wedding.

I had an idea to make a license plate for the one the motorcycles, and cover it with flowers to reflect the two of them as a couple.  The lovely Julie from Posh and Prep, and I chatted, and together we decided that chalkboard paper, over cardboard would be the best way to go, and she designed a perfect sign, that we then tacked a few simple grocery store bouquets to.  We taped it to the back of the existing license plate, and photographed it in a park near my house.  The end result was even better than I imagined, and the two of them couldn't have been more excited with the final product.

I love how individual this is to them as a couple, and I think it sets a perfect tone for what is going to be a pretty awesome affair.  Save the dates, done... only about a million details left to go!