Weekend Links.

Happy Saturday, these weeks are flying by and I'm trying my best to stay on top of the blog (and failing,) but some days there just aren't enough hours in the day.  Better late than never, I hope?  We have a low key weekend planned, given we only have two left before we move this party to Central America for a good chunk of the Summer, so this weekend is all about prep for the big event, starting off with some much needed haircuts for my three boys.  Everyone want to go SHORT for the Summer, so I will make sure to take some before and afters!  After that, if the rain holds off we are hoping to head down to the Pride parade, to show our support.  Tomorrow the kids and I are heading to Legoland so Daddy can spend the morning reading in bed, which is only fitting since I spent Mother's Day watching movies (heavenly.)  I hope whatever your plans are, you have a great one!  Here are a few fun links for this rainy Saturday morning! xo

You guys, I had the worst food poisoning on Wednesday (seriously, it felt like I was dying) and it turns out it was from some leftover Chinese rice I had the night before. Apparently, this is a common event and why you should never eat takeout rice the next day. Lesson learned.

I'm just going to call this #justice. Man, I wish my middle school self would have had this scientific proof taped in my locker.  Former geeks unite!

This family's story has been everywhere this week and for good reason. What incredible strength that little boy has shown, and his parents deserve so much applause for their acceptance and for sharing their journey. I have to say, I'm really happy Gray got his pink shoes this week, and that I didn't try to convince him otherwise... nothing has made him happier; ever!

The registration for the Tufts 10k is open! I'm running, and would love if some of you would join me! I ran in this race last year (my first one) and it was a blast!

A great article about kids and sports.

74!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! school shootings since Sandy Hook. When is enough, enough?

I am absolutely trying this, this weekend! For a solo egg, this is genius!

Has anyone used this? I'm intrigued.

Speaking of hair, I'm kind of obsessed with really, really, really, really long hair at the moment. I know, first short, than long. Such is the story of my life.

More Summer whites, aka what I would like my uniform to look like.

This would be the worst thing that would ever happen to this city.  Seriously, if we get the Olympics, one of you can have my apartment.  Traffic is already a nightmare, this would be unbearable.

I'm pretty sure I would have had an engagement shoot if I knew that Bill Murray would have crashed it!  What an epic moment!

Finally, Happy Father's day for all you Dads and Father-like figures out there. My girlfriend posted this video earlier in the week and it had me sobbing in my morning coffee!