The Little Man... Not So Little Anymore.

I can't even believe it, but my little man is no longer little.

 On Wednesday, he graduated from Kindergarten, and is (somewhat) reluctantly bounding in to the first grade.  I remember this time last year, obsessing about whether we found the right school for him, was it right to wait and make him an older kindergartner, and general nervousness about how his year would go.  A year later, it is glaringly clear that every choice we made was the right one for him, and yet another reminder that no one knows your kid like you do.  I couldn't be more proud of the man he is growing in to, and I wish I could stop time because I'm pretty sure this age is the best there is.

 Now, I'm pretty sure that you can't end a school year without a little FUN, and we capped ours off with a pretty epic sleepover to celebrate these little guys' big accomplishment. 

(Deep discussion here regarding which power ranger has the more powerful weapon)

For the LM, when you read this (hopefully) some 20 years from now, please know that you are so incredibly loved by your family, and the charming, unique, funny person that you are becoming brings so much joy to those around you, especially for your Mom, Dad, and baby brother.  I hope you never loose you free spirit, or your strong sense of self, because what you have inside you truly is special, and I know you are going to make a difference in this world.  Congratulations on finishing your first year!!! - love mom