Summer Buzz.

 With my heart heavy, I sat there on Saturday, while all three of my boys clipped and buzzed off their beautiful long locks.  They learned their lesson last year, and decided not to spend the Summer having to rub sweat and sunscreen out of their eyes, because it was constantly dripping from their bangs.  I get it, I do, but I have to say, every time the scissors come out I shed a little tear because I sure do love these long haired little guys. 

After the big cut, they both kept looking at each other, commenting on how different the other looked!  As much as I miss their long hair, I have to admit, it is cute to see their little ears and necks again, and now both of them want head rubs at night, which I am more than happy to administer!

Two peas in a pod, the cue ball version. 

Summer, here we come!