Pretty in Pink.

 The things that make Grayson a happy boy can be listed on one hand.  He loves Lego's, his brother, super heroes, weapons of all kind (think toy guys, sticks, bow and arrows,) and the color PINK.  If we were listing them in order, pink would definitely be on the top.  I don't know what it is, but the kid just loves it.  I saw it once with my girlfriend's 5 year old daughter, the everything needing to be pink, and probably inappropriately, I chalked it up as a "girl" thing, remembering how my little sisters were the same.  Well, when it's your almost three year old boy who only wants things to be pink, that can be a different story.  I'm going to start this off by saying I'm not someone who consciously plays in to gender stereotypes, and when it comes to parenting we are definitely on the liberal side, but looking back, we certainly have a majority of male targeted toys and clothing, much to Gray's dismay. The Little Man never asked for anything pink or purple, and honestly, they are my least favorite colors, so I never pushed it. 

About 90% of what Gray gets, comes from his older brother.  He is more than okay with this, and actually gets pretty excited when the big Rubbermaid bin of hand-me-downs comes out.  The first thing he does it tear through it, desperately searching for anything with a superhero, and anything that is pink.  Typically he scores on the first, but is left empty handed on the second.  One day, after a meltdown of meltdowns, I told him that he can pick out whatever new things that he may need, that we don't already have from his brother.  So far, we haven't really needed much, but the kid is in desperate need of some new water shoes for the Summer, and knowing how much he hates new shoes, I decided to let him participate in the picking out of his shoes. 

You all know where this is going.

Of course, he picked the pink pair, and not just a pink (like salmon) but the pinkest, pink of them all. What I like to call Barbie pink.  After a quick call to my husband for approval, we decided to stand by our motto that the kids can be who the kids want to be, and I made my toddler happier than I have ever seen him when I ordered him these. 

Now, I have absolutely NO issue with my kid wearing pink.  None whatsoever.  We are fully supportive of his unwavering love of things the color of cotton candy, and his big brother actually thinks it's the greatest thing ever, since he now has someone to give all the pink whatevers to that come in a box.  BUT I do have to say I get a little nervous about what other people will say.  Not necessarily to him or me, but I feel like my kid wearing pink shoes is automatically going to make some people around here roll their eyes, and think that we (as his parents) are pushing some sort of agenda.  Kind of like how the LM wants to be a vegetarian (essentially by deciding that he hates meat) but I keep trying to get him to try every animal product under the sun, because I know that people will assume that we are pushing our eating habits on him, when the opposite is actually the case.  I realize that this has more to do with me, and obviously I need to grow thicker skin, and in thrush in the end we always do what is right which means the LM eats a lot of beans, and Gray gets pink shoes, a pink birthday cake, and this pink gun (which basically combines all things holy in his world.) 

I remember meeting a Mom once, who had a son that liked to wear dresses.  It wasn't because of gender confusion (that she thought) but instead it was due to his obsession with his older sister, and wanting to be just like her.  She said she fought it somewhat the beginning, but then decided to go with it, even allowing him to dress however he wanted for school.  I remember thinking how bad ass she was, the way she fully embraced who her son was, so I'm going to try to channel a little of her if the time ever comes when I feel a little judgement. I'm pretty sure this is just a phase for Gray (like the LM and his nail polish) but if not, I guess all of us are going to have to get used to a little more pink, in this sea of blue.