The Week of Weeks.

 The kids and I got back from NYC late Sunday night, and after having an epic weekend, which may or may not included me dancing on a booth until 3am (who am I ????) we drove straight in to what is going to be the week of weeks. My little sister is graduating on Thursday, and my parents are in town to celebrate. I'm having a little party in her honor, with her fianc√©'s family, which will be followed by a little party in my honor on Friday, for my 35th (eek) birthday. In between all the celebrations, there is a special friends day at one of the boy's schools, doctor appointments, playdates,  Mother's day events, and oh, my husband is out of town for all of it. For a family that rarely goes out, this is a big week for us all, but one that is going to be incredibly special and welcome. I know there won't be time to get back here until next week, so for now I'm signing off. I wish you all a happy, and sunny week ahead. A big congratulations to all of you graduating as well! xoxo