Flower Power.

I don't know if it's the fact that for the past two days we have had the most beautiful Spring-like weather, or if it's just my personal style evolving, but lately, and unexpectedly, I've been finding myself drawn to florals in homes.  Of course, by "drawn to" I mean completely obsessed with, and by "completely obsessed with" I mean trying to find a way to incorporate a statement piece in my home, like yesterday.  It all started when I cam across this stunning sofa/ottoman set from Anthropologie and found myself devastated when I saw that that ottoman only comes in extra large.  Tears people, tears.  Just look at this beauty!!! That is a statement piece, a statement that I would happily make day in and day out. 

Now, as luck would have it, I can't seem to get the idea of a floral ottoman out of my head, and every fabric I find is a little more modern, or tribal, than I'm looking for.  Now, I'm not talking your grandmother's floral (wait, now that I think about it, I might be!) but just the perfect "pop" of a delicate flower. I'm finding through my search, that I like florals best when paired with a more modern, or unexpected palette, and it seems like the placement is the key. While I continue to scour the internet for my perfect piece, I'll leave you with some insanely perfect uses of florals in the home. Each one more jaw dropping than the next. 

That is what you call some serious Flower Power.