Lately, I feel like most days I'm running on empty.  There is so much to do with/ for the kids, so many details to remember (field trips, dress down days, dress up days, early release days, bring in something with your kid's favorite color, carpool schedules, star of the week, etc, etc, etc.. the never-ending list), and unfortunately, right now, my husband's pain is worse than ever and it is entirely consuming our lives.  I feel like I spend every day running around like a hamster on a wheel, with the track "you are so lucky, you are so lucky" on repeat in my head, so while the days have been very long, I don't forget that yes, we are very lucky. 

In between the circus that is life, we have still managed to sneak in some fun, which will only be multiplied by a trip to NYC tomorrow with my kiddos and sister, to visit my most favorite sister-in-law. It's supposed to be a beautiful, sunny weekend, and is just what the doctor ordered. 

Good and bad, here is a little glimpse into the last few weeks around here. 

This little guy keeps getting sick, this was two Mondays ago. 

... and last Monday.  Luckily his "sick pillow" makes everything better, and he seems to be on the up and up.  It would help if the weather could just stay normal for a few days, I'm sure.  Spring are you out there?  We miss you so, please come visit soon. 

In-between illnesses, Easter came and went, and we finally ate the last piece of candy yesterday.  Okay, I finally ate the last piece. Just had to get it out of the house!

We had a few Spring-like days, and tried to take advantage of them. 

This guy has fully entered his "terrible twos" stage (which he's been definitely been working on the last 6 months) and I have to say it's so hard to stay mad at him when he is just so damn cute. 

Meanwhile, this one just keep getting bigger and wanting less and less to do with us.  At least he still needs me to help wiggle out those teeth. This one was #3.

The marathon came and went, without a hitch, and we all fell in love with this city, all over again. 

The biggest news around these parts was most definitely the little man's winning 3rd place in his first skate competition.  He walked away with that hat and T-shirt and the biggest smile on his face.  It was just the push he needed to fall back in love with skating, after taking most of the winter off cheating with skiing.  Shhhhhhhh I'll never tell. 

So not to be left out, this one has decided he needs his own sport, and right now swimming seems to be it.  I really wish the water was just a little warmer, but hey, if the kid can learn to swim, that will be a very good thing. 

So that's what we've been up to around here. April wasn't too kind to us, so here's to a better May!