Black vs White.

 Right now, I would say that our home is about 95 percent "done."  Sure, there are things on my never ending list, a light here, a rug there, and eventually the guest room to finish when we decide to jump off the cliff and put the boys together, but in reality if I never brought another thing in this space, I would be more than content with my surroundings.

There is however, one thing I'm dying to do in our house, but I think to do it right I either need to hire someone awesome (read expensive) to do the work or really commit and do the whole thing myself.   In short, I want to re-paint my whole house.

 Ugh.  Okay, not the whole house, but most of it.  Last year, due to a flood in our bottom level, we had my room, and the boys' room re-painted, and prior to that I painted the master bathroom, and the nursery.  Those rooms I LOVE.  What I don't love is the other 1000 square feet, which is essentially all of our living space, and with 12 foot ceilings, that's a lot of paint to look at every day, when it's not your ideal color.  Basically, the color on the walls is the "tan" that comes with every new home, and the doors and moldings are your basic white (a too shiny white) but a white all the same.  Back when we first moved in, I was so unhappy with the craftsmanship from the developer's painters, that I actually repainted the whole space myself, making a mistake I am now kicking myself for which was painting over them in the exact same color.  Now, some 6 year later, I still hate the color and having raised two boys in here there are definitely some scuffs on every wall that I could do without.  The problem is it's not really that bad, and the boys still have a lot of growing up to do, so I'm not sure I can justify the cost of a full paint job, when I know it will probably need to be done in another 5 years.  That being said, paint really is the cheapest way to change your space, and I know that I will love this place a thousand times more if I slap a few coats on the walls.  Therein lies the dilemma. 

The main issue is I don't quite know what I want to do in the space.  If I did, honestly I'd probably be on top of a ladder right now, rather than typing this.  What I really want to do it paint the walls white and all the moldings and doors black.  I KNOW it would look incredible, but I'm not sure how it would work with our current furnishings which are very blue, and the decor which is really bright.  Part of me thinks I am better off just going floor to ceiling white, which will really brighten up everything!  Also, if I went white on white, I could definitely handle the space on my own, but I can't help wonder if it would be just taking the easy way out like last time, and then two years from now will I be itching for black moulding? 

What do you all think? 




I feel like there is some Sophie's choice going on here!  Out of all these pictures, I have to say our home as it is probably is closest to the top picture, which is what makes me want to go black, but you can't beat the clean and simple look of the white on white.  I'm thinking maybe I will just paint all the walls white first (myself) and then if I really think the black is the way to go, hire a professional to come in an do the moulding and doors which is the tricky part anyway. 

What do you all prefer? Do you think you would tire of the black? I'd love your opinion!