Weekend Links.


Happy Easter weekend! Wait, wasn't it just Christmas a few weeks ago?  Seriously, where has the time gone?  Since we are not followers of any religion, we don't have a whole lot planned this weekend, but the kids are very much looking forward to their baskets on Sunday, and tonight we are going to decorate eggs!  Gray is in his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle phase right now, so we have adopted it as this years "theme."  What that has to do with Easter, I'm not sure, but we are going with it.  Other than that we are just going to be hanging around our hood, trying to take advantage of any sunshine that would like to come our way.  You know, the usual. ;)

I hope you all have a wonderful, egg and candy filled weekend. Here are a few fun links from around the web that caught my eye this week. xo

Tis the season of the hard boiled egg.  Did you all know that they come out 100 times better if you bake them instead of boiling them?  It's true! I'll never go back after trying it!  The best part is that they don't smell when you put them in the fridge.  Seriously, trust me on this one.

Speaking of eggs, how a genius makes an egg sandwich.

My husband and I are super in to this new show.  Are any of you watching?  P.S. I've slowly started Scandal, and yes I'm hooked. Kerry Washington drives me crazy though, and I feel like I'm the only one who thinks that way!

The cuteness of these little Easter bags is too much.  Someday I will be this crafty.

Did you guys see the pictures of Michelle Pfeiffer at Coachella? She's 55 years old, and may be my new idol. Damn girl, I'll take 10 of whatever she is having!

What your home movies look like when your dad works for DreamWorks.

My girlfriend turned me on to these little 100 calorie chia bars, and I'm obsessed.  I get really cranky when I'm hungry, and these are definitely great to have on hand!

I think we are going to steal this idea, and have a French macaron cake at my sister's wedding!  I'm pretty sure it is going to be a hit, I mean, who doesn't love macarons?

I made this for dinner on Tuesday and it was INCREDIBLE!  I served it over red quinoa, instead of rice, and I've been dreaming about it ever since.  This one is definitely in the weekly rotation!

This home slays me... and really makes me want to move to California. Standing ovation for this couple!

My favorite new polish for Spring.  This is the perfect alternative to white!

My hunt for the perfect baby blue shirt ended the second I tried this one on.  Yes, I plan on wearing it every day for the rest of my life.

Last but not least, the tutorial for that adorable cake pictured above! Next year I am all over this one!