Wardrobe Essentials: Save, Crave, Investment #8

 It's official, Spring is finally here! For us North-Easterners, that means very little this time of year except that we are now swapping snow for rain.  Sure, sure, there are a few nice days that get thrown in the mix, but really it's just a lot of hope, crushed by warmer temperatures that are always followed by never ending rainy days.*  The upside to all the rain, is that dressing for the day could not be any easier!  For me, it's basically jeans, a sweater/ sweatshirt/ t-shirt and a trench!  Viola!  Instant chic, that is actually functional. 

A few years back, I purchased a black Burberry trench, and I can say there is absolutely nothing I have in my closet that I wear more.  From a night out (which in my life is rare) to the school run (which is daily) I cannot find enough places to wear my coat.  Let's be honest, this one piece of clothing has so much style in it, that you could pretty much wear it over your sweatpants every afternoon, and no one would even know.  Don't ask me how I know that... haha.

If you have been holding out, do yourself a favor and pick up a great trench this season.  I can promise that you will not regret it! Here is a little inspiration to prove my point. 

Of course, the ultimate investment item is the real deal, traditional Burberry coat. 


But this "save" version for $85  sure fits the bill nicely. P.S. (use promo code Hurry60)


The only tricky thing about a trench is finding one that is the perfect length.  I prefer mine to skim the top of my knees, which I know is somewhat controversial in the trench world.  Remember, you can always get them cut to the perfect length for a very reasonable price at the tailor if you find a great coat you love.  I speak from experience here, it's an easy fix!

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*Man, I really make this part of the world seem desirable, don't I? ;)