Our 6 Favorite Fish Recipes.

Most of you regular readers know that the grown-ups in this house are not traditional meat eaters. Since one can only eat so much tofu, and tofu substitutes, we tend to eat a lot of fish around here. Some nights, I just throw a pice of tilapia, cod, or flounder under the broiler with some lime, cilantro, and olive oil, but most nights, I try to come up with something a little more creative. Since we eat fish about two to three times a week, it's not that hard to scrounge up a new recipe here and there, but these six are the ones we keep coming back. Like most recipes in this house, these are definitely a little Gwyneth Paltrow heavy (please don't consciously uncouple with me over that), but what can I say... the girl knows her way around a kitchen!

I think you all will love most of these recipes, even if you aren't a huge fish eater. I would say that these are all 20 minutes or less, and except for the Cioppino, my kids love them too! 

Bon appetite!

(Note: I substitute Vegenaise for mayonaise)

Steamed Fish with Soy and Sesame Oil

(Note: I use regular Panko bread crumbs)

And this week I'm dying to try this recipe, sans the bacon of course!