Weekend Links.

Happy Sunday! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Things feel positively springy around here, which is a welcome change from the norm! Yesterday, the LM and I skied in mid 50 temps, and today we have a chance of finally getting rid of that last bit of snow on the ground. The "lost" hour of sleep, means my crew can finally get in to the routine they much prefer, an hour earlier to bed, and up with the sun... and for us it means and hour less we have to keep them busy today! haha. Of course, it also means we will get home before it's dark out, and for my mindset that is just a game changer!

I hope you all are able to take advantage of the milder temps (you know you are a New Englander when it's 40 feels like you should be laying out!) Here are a few fun links from around the web that caught my eye. xo

For the first time in forever, we are getting a tax refund back and it is taking everything in my power not to buy these. I have to say my thirty year old self would have run out and made the purchase, but my almost thirty five year old self is investing it instead. Making good decisions, yet another side affect of aging. Blah. They sure are beautiful though.

The story behind one of our favorite books had me in tears. As if I needed a reason to cry more while reading it.

Makeup secrets you haven't heard before.

Way to fix the loophole Mass!

The most popular baby names by state. Oops, looks like we should be living in the north west!

This article is one of the best I've ever read when it comes to describing life with little kids. It's nice to know it's not just us who counts downy he minutes to bed time!

Talk about summing up everything we have been learning about my husband's condition, and the re-definition of wellness. Sadly, most times you can't really fix it until you find out that it's already broken.

The formula for a feature on the The Sartorialist. Ha!

The muscle T is back!  Also, this dress is adorable!

What a good looking salad! I'm definitely trying it out this week.

... this too!

After months of messing around with it, I finally stole Jude Rea's haircut. I've never had an easier "do"! I love it!

12 Ted talks for a better you.

This show looks awesome! My husband and I are so excited for it to start!

I really like the direction that Anthro is heading. This sofa is insanity. I wish we had a storage space, I would most definitely scoop it up!

I keep seeing the exterior of this gorgeous home everywhere. I am not complaining one bit.


Isn't that the truth? Hope you had a good one!