TV Gallery Wall.

We all know there is nothing more that I love in life, than a good gallery wall. On the exact opposite spectrum, is our media wall, which up until last week had only one thing on it... the TV. In most spaces, I don't have any feelings one way or the other about solo television, but in our space (where all the furniture faces that one wall) it was kind of an eye sore. I've gone back and forth over whether on not I should just wallpaper the area, but since I was never 100 percent, I decided against it. After the Carter Kustera prints arrived, which were meant for the guest room, I had a vision of a bright and sunny gallery wall, filled with color pattern. Minutes later, Grayson and I got to work, and after stealing a few pieces from the rest of our house (a print, similar to this one, is actually going to be the large center piece) I finally found a way to camouflage the television and actually lightened the whole room! Now, I'm kind of addicted (shocking I know) and I actually want to add more prints, and take the wall to the ceiling, but these things take time and for the moment I'm just happy that I finally figured out what to do in this space. Behold, my new favorite wall in the house!

Doesn't it bring in so much color? I love it!

When it comes to a good gallery wall,  in my book there is never too much of a good thing. For those of you who agree, here are 6 of my all time favorites. 

Ahhhhhh I'm so inspired! You can bet there will be more where this came from!