Pastel Colored Hair... I'm In!

 Have you guys SEEN what Nicole Richie did to her golden locks? 

GAH! I'm so in to it!!!!!

So chic, so unexpected, so modern. I love everything about it.

Now, I realize there are only two types of people who can pull this look off 1) uber hip celebrities and socialites, and 2) Girls in their teens and twenties. Since I am neither, I most definitely will be sitting this one out, but I have to say, I really can't get enough of it!

For those of you who are cool/ brave/ young enough here is a little more pastel colored hair inspiration that's slightly more subdued for us mere mortals!

You can't say it doesn't make a statement!

P.S. I have to laugh a little, because about 12 years ago when I was dating my husband, I bought one of those color tinted shampoos to try to tone down my too golden hair. After one two many washes my hair turned purple, and we were spending the weekend at my future in-laws! I seriously cried the whole way up. Little did I know, that 12 years later I would be dying over this same color! Damn, that's what you get for being a decade-too-early trendsetter! ;)