My Little Sister is Getting Married!

My little sister is getting married! This is amazing on so many levels, but the highlight for me has to be my duel maid-of-honor/ wedding planner position. You guys, we get to plan a wedding!!!!!!! Mine was so long ago, I can't even remember it, and with the invention of Pinterest, Etsy, and blogs I feel like this is a whole new ball game! So far the bride and groom have decided on a outside wedding, sometime next summer. We (ahem) they are thinking intimate, rustic, simple, and, of course, gorgeous! I honestly could not be more excited for them, and I can promise you, this is going to be one awesome party!!!!! 

Since we knew this was coming, I've been bookmarking ideas for a while now, but now I finally get to share them with all of you! Here is the initial inspiration (in my mind) for their big day. 

 Certainly there is going to be a lot more wedding talk going on around here, and I will most definitely be posting any DIY projects that we come up with! I'm so out of the wedding loop, I would love to know what your favorite wedding blogs and sources are! Please share!