A Look Inside.

 If there is a holy grail of online videos, I'm pretty sure this is it. A look inside the home of the incredibly intelligent and fashionable Sarah Jessica Parker. I've probably watched this clip about 5 times now, and I have to say that each time it grows on me more and more. Her abode is not at all what I expected! It is just so funky, warm, eclectic, and lived in. It really is the exact opposite of the over styled, magazine ready, picture perfect homes that we are used to seeing in the monthly glossies and on blogs. It obviously doesn't hurt that the architecture of the house itself is dripping with character. That moulding, and staircase really are the stars in my book! Even though this is pretty much the opposite of my design aesthetic, I feel so inspired by how much personality her space has... and those built in bookshelves, I would die for those bookshelves! I Oh, and she answers 73 questions in the witty and likable way that only she can, but the star of this video is most definitely that house!

A home that actually looks like home... I dig it.