Weekend Links.

TGIF! What do you all have planned this weekend? As a family, we are doing the usual rotation, work, birthday parties, skiing... but if I had my way, I'd really like to be doing a lot of lazying around, with my husband, now that he's feeling a little better. Really, it's what the two of us do best! I also have the new issue of Domino screaming for me to crack it open, so no matter what I'm winning this weekend. I hope whatever your plans are, that you have a great one! Here are a few fun links from around the web to hopefully keep you warm this chilly weekend. See you all Monday.

Mind Blown. For real.

This makes me want to spend the next week, re-watching every single episode. I wish I could say it would be the first time... ahhhhhhh life before kids.

2 brothers re-create old family photographs. It hurts how happy this makes me!

On the advice of the all knowing Lou, I'm trying this face mask out tonight. After this Winter, my skin is so sad, it can use any help I can offer.

On that same note, I randomly picked up this new beauty product earlier his week and I am loving it! It's like a BB or CC cream (I'm not really sure of the difference) but it has a powder finish. I am absolutely loving it so far, and it doesn't settle in to those fine lines and wrinkles. Score!

A thought provoking post that I've probably read about 10 times now. I am so guilty of putting a filter on everything, and then saying it would be nice to see how "real" people are. Makes you think.

Also, ever wonder what it would be like if you were photo shopped like a celebrity? A few women found out, and the results aren't what you would think.

Denim "rules" to live by.

I am in love with this line, Humaniod. I seriously want every piece in their new collection!

I think this is where I'm heading with my hair. Obviously, since I change my mind on any day that ends in a "y" nothing is set in stone, but I love the blonde blonde, with the shoulder length cut. For now ;).

I know Nina, and she is just about the nicest person you could ever meet, but I seriously had no idea how insanely talented she is! This spread in House Beautiful is so deserved, and I have to say I'm beyond inspired. The desk in the kitchen? Genius. Yep, I'm taking copious notes.

I don't think I can want summer to come any quicker than I already do, but this recipe has me dreaming of days where I need to throw something together quickly, because we spent way too much time running through the sprinklers at the park. Oh, and I need a garden in the worst way ever.

Speaking of which, how cool is this vertical garden.? I wonder if I get enough light to make it work.... hmmmmmmm.

Monday I think we are in for ANOTHER huge snowstorm. When it comes to getting dressed in the morning, this is the point where I throw up my hands and say "I give up!" For those of you who still are trying (bless your hearts) this is what the fashion elite do in this weather. Look at them, and then imagine the exact opposite... that's me!

Finally, Every Oscar dress, worn by every Best Actress winner. I was struck by how few there actually are. That's quite a club to be in! Will you be watching this weekend?  If I can get in 30 minutes of the red carpet in this house of boys, I will consider myself very lucky!