Weekend Links.

Happy House of Cards day to you all!!!!!!! Sure, sure, there is that other holiday, which I have to admit has been made much sweeter since I've had kids (see above) but really it's all about Robin Wright in this house on this days of days! Other than binge watching the show, all weekend long, our plans are pretty low key this weekend. A little snow Sunday guarantees the LM and I will be hitting the slopes, but other than that I plan on spending as much time under the blanket as I can! Is it EVER going to get warm?

Here are a few fun links that caught my eye this week. I'll be back Tuesday because, yes, it's another holiday Monday, and my kids will never have a 5 day week again (sarcasm, sarcasm, sarcasm.) Enjoy!

I am SO in to hunter green nails. Green is the new navy... mark my words.

This bike saddle bag is so chic! Love!

You guys, this is Janice Dickenson! Seriously!!! What a timeless look (sans the cigarette.) 

When I saw Jenna Lyons on GIRLS this week, I honestly jumped up and screamed out loud. Way to take it to the next level ladies!

Hahahahaha... we've all been there. 

These guys rule! I feel like this is something that would happen at the LM's school! 

Jane Goodall. That is all. 

As a family, we made the switch to almond milk a few years back. This info graphic is pretty eye-opening.

This bathing suit is adorable! This brand kills it!

Helmets. ALWAYS helmets. I will let the LM do practically anything so long as the kid has a helmet on. 

Finally, this is SO my husband. No, I'm not kidding. Is it wrong that it kind of makes me love him more? 

Hope you are spending the night with someone you love.. or Kevin Spacey. Either way, today, everyone wins!!!