Weekend Links.

 With Wednesday's unexpected snow day, Friday just kind of snuck up on me this week. Since I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I'll very happily take it! We have a jam packed x-games weekend with skating tomorrow, and skiing on Sunday, but the real highlight is the viewing of the LEGO MOVIE!!! If your kids are as obsessed as mine, you know exactly what level of excitement I'm talking about! We have honestly been counting down the days, and the boys couldn't be happier that it's finally here!

I hope you all have a great weekend, whatever your plans. Here are a few fun links from around the web, to (hopefully) make it get here faster. 

I really want to make these for the boys next Friday. I have a note on my fridge that says DONUTS!!! Let's see if that helps. These are equally as cool (and healthier!) 

I like this idea too. I'm bringing in a V-day snack to the LM's school, and this is a final contender. 

I purchased these glasses earlier in the week and I'm now left stalking my UPS guy. They look amazing with blonde hair!

Since we're not using the "W" word anymore, come Spring I plan on making this place a jungle paradise with houseplants, drawing from this as inspiration. I'm taking this guide with me to the nursery. After looking at branches for the last 4 months, it's time to get some greenery going. 

My sweet baby sitter gave me this for Christmas, because of the name, but I have to tell you, it's the most perfect nude! I love it!

I made this soup this Monday, and it was awesome! (I skipped the cream garnish) We've been happily having it all week as a side. 

Good to know. Yes, I too have been pronouncing half of them wrong. 

This really is insane! Talk about commitment to your craft.

I really want this shirt. A must have for anyone entering Law School in the Fall!

Speaking of must haves, how amazing is this vintage LEATHER covered Eames chair? I have never wanted any physical object more in my life. What are the chances a great knock off will be made? Fingers crossed. 

Learn to weave. I really want to try this. I am still loving the woven tapestry trend!

I love this lamp! It's on sale too. 

This video is hilarious! I'm thinking less so if you actually have kids. I love the part when they see their friends at brunch, and are like "okay, let's join them." I vaguely remember those days. 

Finally, I really enjoyed reading this article about Garance Doré. Her website is my absolute favorite right now. She just oozes cool sophistication. When I grow up, can I please be her? haha, we all know that's never going to happen! ;)

Happy Friday!